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The Scar Movement

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The Scar Movement was founded by Kimora out of a desire to help women heal from the abuses in their lives that have created unhealthy relationship patterns and caused them to question whether they are capable of loving themselves and loving others.

Through The Scar Movement, Kimora and her team will go out to minister to women and provide them with resources to help make life changing decisions. Additionally, live monologues featuring women who are not afraid to Express Their Scar will begin in the Fall of 2017. Kimora also has plans to host retreats with small groups of women to facilitate the healing process and to launch a series of audio and video testimonials.

How can you help? Share your story using the contact form below and make a donate to help us turn these plans into a reality.




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God has placed this awesome vision in my spirit. I see The Scar Movement helping women across the globe to confront the issues in their past so that they can begin to heal and have healthy adult relationships. We must realize that our scars are reminders of what could have destroy us but have made us stronger. I hope you will donate to our cause and share your story.
— Kimora


Express your scar.

Are interested in becoming a part of our movement? We would love to have you share your story, whether written, through an audio recording or sharing a video. Contact us and we will follow up to figure out how you can use your scar to help heal others

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Express your scar! A portion of the proceeds from each shirt sale will be used to help fund the programs of The Scar Movement.