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Broken people attract Broken people

Broken People Attract Broken People

I love the fact I no longer have to hide the most brutal parts of my life and I promised myself I would be more than transparent because in this season we need individuals to be honest with us about the pain that holds us bound and I am one who constantly tells myself I will be REAL no matter the cost. My Boldness comes as a surprise to myself and all of a sudden I’m so free. Who would have thought me, a little girl like myself would inspire so many to speak up about the scars that hold them bound? I would have never guessed it but I’m so happy to share my story with Y’all and I pray it touches lives of the broken and you will one day be whole.

My subject today is “Open wounds in relationships” now this wasn’t an as easy subject for me to blog about but what the heck.

Do you remember our breakup, or how you left me in that roach infested apartment alone? I called and texted you but no response for two months. I loved you more than life itself or so I thought but you cared nothing about the river of tears I cried. You even told me being vulnerable scared you but despite all of your harsh verbal abuse in front of your friends I still loved you. You would think almost 3 years to the date of our breakup I would forget the pain we caused each other and let go but the truth of the matter is the pain still lingers and the wounds are still healing.

I was so hurt by our break up…. For the longest I tried to move on but couldn’t so I checked your social media so often I only made myself sick I just wanted you to hold me tight once again but you wouldn’t budge to do so. I hurt you…  You also hurt me too. I took the fall each and every time, whether it was my fault or yours . I was weak but I could never express my weakness to you and if I did you shut me down and told me to toughen up . You hurt me with your words and vulgar slurs. It was okay for you to damage me but I didn’t have permission to hurt you. I was empty, scared, broken and a damaged good competing with your friends for your love and attention even after losing that sweet gift.
Broken people attract broken people, we were just that (BROKEN) licking the open wounds that kept us entwined. Two scared individuals in battle on who could hurt who better… I must admit that game wasn’t fun all we did was scar each other even more. I loved you more than life itself I have the permanent mark on my backside to prove it. Can you believe there’s no cover up and I didn’t even remove it.

The scars we carried were infected, self-made walls became our defense system. We were always together but yet so distant.




Kimora Booker