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Genuine smile

When was the last time you wore a genuine smile?? To be honest it took me almost a decade to pick up this authentic smile. I'm so used to wearing a forgery of a smile were pain rested behind my eyelids and crying myself to sleep. I tried drinking the discomfort away were it only made it worse by making me sick and not knowing where I was the next day. I tried sexing it away and most times I didn't even know your name. This is the harsh reality of being Molested at five, not having a father figure to protect me, no validation in the home, Abused, Raped and being Exploited on back-page. I didn't know my worth since I came from a fatherless home, the women in my family were so resilient they never expressed how important it was to express the scars that keep you in that dark place you have become numb to. This smile is my victory I have won although all odds are against me. This smile I wear is no longer a fraud and it didn't come over night. The blood of Jesus covered me even in the midnight hour he called me by name back to his saving grace. The smile I wear is a true testament that I always had Gods grace with me. I'm so happy I'm able to be unapologetic about the smile I carry.

Kimora Booker